Custom NMR Services was founded by Dr. Jin Hong in late 1997. Jin received her Ph.D. in physical chemistry from SUNY Stony Brook in 1991 working on solid state NMR. She then expanded her research area into protein structure determination and protein ligand interaction studies. Since starting Custom NMR Services, her work has concentrated in small molecule and peptide structure determination, up to M.W. 10000.

What do we do

NMR Data Acquisition for

[Medicinal Chemists, Process chemists, Polymer chemists, Biochemists and anyone who has a need for NMR data]

Collaborative and confidential research using NMR to provide molecular structure and dynamics information.

Serving Chemists

We are a group of NMR specialists based in Massachusetts. We have been serving the chemistry community since 1997 and will gladly provide you with references.

How do we help chemists

If you do not have an NMR instrument of your own, but have needs for NMR data, we will acquire NMR data for you.

If you have an NMR instrument but find the instrument under-used because you are not sure how the advanced features work, we will help you.

Our Speciality

We have experienced PhD. level NMR specialists who can help you solve a variety of problems, ranging from small molecule structure determination to protein conformation study.